About MAX

Mark Wingfield Mark Wingfieldestablished MAX in 2006 to provide excellent value, tailor-made services and the business has evolved today into an accredited training and development company with a highly experienced team.

The primary work of MAX is in delivering Conflict Resolution, Personal Safety and Stress Management  under the brands MAX Conflict Management, MAX Stress and MAX Havening.

However Mark Wingfield’s eclectic mix of international sales and marketing as well as delivering a wide range of projects as a Certified Black Belt has enabled him over the years to deliver other tailored interventions in:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Communications and Presenting
  • Sales, Negotiation and Customer Service Training
  • Consultancy work in Research & Development Tax Credits, Lean and Six Sigma

His broad background and skillset comes from time spent and management positions in high technology, automotive, engineering and construction equipment. Mark’s international background includes being based in the USA and Germany and working for large corporations such as Tenneco and Caterpillar as well as other market leading companies including JCB and the Allen Group (now Reflex Allen) and much smaller organisations.

Mark’s fluency in the German language enables him to deliver talks and training in German and he is a frequent visitor to Germany and Austria, though since establishing MAX he has delivered projects in the following countries so far: Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, France, Ireland, Spain, Austria & Switzerland.